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Given by Artist/Art instructor Ed Salazar.

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What is digital art? Can it look like a traditional painting? Are there any advantages to this medium? Can you learn to be a digital artist from your own home? Also, learn an exciting new skill from your own home…3D ANIMATION using UNREAL ENGINE and/or MAYA. Don’t miss this special 1-hour presentation explaining what exactly is 3D animation, and the programs used, followed by a Question and Answer session. The ODE2ART ACADEMY has recently launched a successful 3D animation course! This is a one-year course broken into two 6 month semesters. Students will learn the basics of real-time rendering in Unreal Engine and will leave with a completed project that demonstrates proficiency in both the engine and its application across several stages of production. While primarily related to animation production, the course will also show students how to create content across a variety of practical and artistic use cases.

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39 Maple Tree Ave, Stanford, CT 06906