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Join us on an updated tour and discover the visible and the invisible side of Jerusalem.

Descripción del servicio

Of the entire planet Earth, Jerusalem is the most desired and disputed square kilometer in the world. As the founder of the modern state of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, said: “So much history in so little geography”. In this city, somehow in the air there is a beauty that is difficult to describe and that, just by breathing it, you know that you are in a very, very special place. Jerusalem is an archaeologist's paradise. A city that was destroyed 2 times. A city that was besieged 23 times. A city captured and recaptured 44 times. A city that was attacked 52 times. The “holy” city for millions of people and their center of the world. One of the oldest cities in the memory of humanity. And without a doubt, the city with the most history and mixed feelings. On this tour, we will not take you to the “Christian”, Jewish or Muslim places; You will only get to know the historical places that you already knew from your study of the Bible. You will not see any churches, synagogues or mosques on this tour. Biblical story only. Nothing more and nothing less. This tour, with hundreds and hundreds of hours of previous work, with more than 150 videos and dozens of images, will teleport you to the Jerusalem you always imagined. On this tour you will almost touch the Jerusalem of King David, the Jerusalem of King Hezekiah, the Jerusalem of King Josiah, the Jerusalem destroyed by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar and of course the Jerusalem of Jesus. And beyond, because you will see with your own eyes how the predicted destruction of the city of Jerusalem at the hands of the Roman Empire was fulfilled. Join us on this exciting tour and discover the Wailing Wall, the Esplanade of the Mosques and much more. Much more. Discover the visible Jerusalem and the invisible Jerusalem. Discover the Jerusalem of the tourist guides and the real Jerusalem. Discover the brightest Jerusalem and the most hidden Jerusalem. Walk through the streets of the modern markets and along the streets of stone flagstones, where Jesus, surely, also walked. Immerse yourself in its busiest streets and its deepest underground tunnels. Real, authentic places that only existed on the pages you once read about in the Biblical chronicles and now, you can almost touch with your own hands. If you have ever heard of the city of Jerusalem, this tour is not to be missed. You will know the Jerusalem that you always wanted to know.

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